Price Points

Financing Your Project

Printing Your Comic

Graphic Adaption Media can print a high-quality version of your book.

Whether it be a small amount for your friends and family (minimum of 25 books) or over 1000 copies for distribution, Graphic Adaption Media can facilitate your printing needs.

- 25 to 250 books – $4.50 for Color, $3.75 for Black & White (per book) *
- 250 to 1000 + – $4.00 for Color, $3.25 for Black & White (per book) *

* Prices based on Classic Comic Format at 22 pages interior. 

Concept Teaser
12 PAGE COLOR: $3,000 (3x $1,000 payments)
12 PAGE B&W: $2,500 (with color cover)

Classic Comic Format
24 PAGE COLOR $5,000 (3x $1,666 payments)
24 PAGE B&W: $4,000 (with color cover)

Monthly Comic Format
36 PAGE COLOR $7,000 (3x $2,333 payments)
36 PAGE B&W: $5,500 (with color cover)Type your paragraph here.

Each project can differ wildly by cost; some may be longer, others may use a big-name artist, and still others may want to keep it as a short teaser.  Because of this, the price points listed below are generalized; without a better idea regarding the scope of your project, we cannot give exact prices.  However, we would love to speak to you personally to find out what Graphic Adaption Media can to for you!