Traditional comic books - the books you see on the newsstand, book store, and grocery store - follow a six issue to twelve issue arc.  In other words, a publishers story will be told in a year's span, with each issue containing twenty-two pages.  It is similar to a television series: every episode is contained in thirty to sixty minutes but the overall story is told in the entirety of the season.

Monthly Comic Format

Graphic Adaption Media's Monthly Comic Format will do just that: take your full intellectual property and format it into a number of twenty-two page comics connected into an overall arc that will give the impression of a "monthly" book.

This is an interesting format, because although your work will be completed in the full arc (the average being between 132 and 264 pages), it will be presented in an easier, "bite-sized" read for those wanting to compile their work into a more traditional comic book scheme.

Also, unlike our classic twenty-to page comic format, there are no constraints in the size of your intellectual property.  You can tell your story in its entirety without any close editing and/or compressing of your story.

Unlike the Classic Comic Format (which is one single story compressed into one comic book) or Teaser Comic Format (a smaller, more compact 10 page taste of your project), Monthly Comic Format will tell multiple stories over any number of volumes.  However, if you would like to simply group your entire story into a larger format, Graphic Adaption Media has the next step: Graphic Novel Format.