Graphic Adaption Media's Graphic Novel Format is by far the simplest way to present your book.

Although similar to the monthly comic book format, your intellectual property will be developed with one continuous story in mind - no breaks as one would find in between issues in a monthly comic format.

When the project is finished, you will be presented with a single continuous story that would look more like a thick book you can place on your bookshelf rather than a newsstand.

Another option is Graphic Adaption Media's Monthly Comic Format: taking your full intellectual property and formatting it into a number of twenty-two page comics.  However, we can also facilitate a more compressed, 22 page Classic Comic Format and an even tighter 10 page Teaser Comic Format for those who need a colorful, visual representation of their IP to accompany their script, novel or screenplay.

A graphic novel is a self-contained story that does not necessarily follow a monthly format - in other words, it is a fully completed book similar to the ones you find in book stores.

Graphic Novels have been a mainstay in the comic book industry for some time, rising to prominence in the 1980s with such books as The Watchmen and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  Although compiled from a number of different single issues, those and other graphic novels work better as one continuous story with as few interruptions while reading as possible.

Graphic Novel Format