Our Classic Comic Format is a way for you to produce a single, 22 to 30 page comic book that is adapted from your screenplays, scripts, short stories, novels, pitches, and intellectual property*.

You will work with one of Graphic Adaption Media’s project managers to adapt your screenplay or create a single issue that is more cost effective and a great way to show off your intellectual property.​

This is a great option for those of whom want a compressed comic book of their work, because unlike the other options this will be a streamlined version of your IP that is no longer than 30 pages in length.

For those of you who have a larger story to tell that will encompass multiple comic books, we have our next step: Monthly Comic Format.  However, if you are looking for a simple addition to your pitch, take a look at our Teaser Comic Format

Classic Comic Format

*Screenplay presented by you to Graphic Adaption Media must not exceed 90 pages in length.

Graphic Adaption Media’s Classic Comic Format is a cost effective way for you to adapt your intellectual property to the next level.

Standard issue comic books in the industry roughly have a format of 22 pages - the main reason for this is the publishing costs of said comic book.