About Us

Have you ever wondered what your intellectual property, screenplay, or novel would look like if it where published as a comic?

Graphic Adaption Media is the first company of its kind to turn your IP into a graphic novel or comic book. All you need to do is provide your idea and we take care of the rest.


Graphic Adaption Media provides fully inclusive service that will take your project and adapt it into an illustrated graphic novel or comic book.

​Graphic Adaption Media is a 100% work-for-hire media company; therefore, you retain all of your rights and have full ownership of the finished product.

Graphic Adaption Media has carefully constructed a list of professional artists that cross all genres of comic book style; from superhero to sci-fi to horror.

Graphic Adaptions Media's extensive catalog of professional artists are ready to bring your IP to life.

Our Artists

Los Angeles, CA 90067              626.217.2420            info@graphicadaption.com


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